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Events Introduction
« on: April 10, 2012, 11:14:44 pm »

Welcome Pirates,

This is the section where staff members and players may post their Events!

Stay in touch for the events coming in game such as :

- Boss killing
- Exp boosting mobs
- Rare item drop mobs killing
- Drop party
- Hide and Seek
- Objectives races

The events will be posted as following :

- Event Organizer
- Event Title
- Event description (great detailed description of the events)
- Event rules
- Event date and timing.
- Event duration
- Awards(Not necessary)
- A way to contact the Organizer.

A Non-staff member must follow some steps before posting a legit Event :

- First of all make sure to discuss your event with a staff member first , if its approved by the GM' will be able to post it in this section.
- Your Event must follow the same steps as shown above.
- No racism , strong language or spam is allowed.
- After posting your event make sure you are contactable by us or any player just in case of information lack.
- If you decide to cancel your event make sure to contact a GM on time so we can follow the procedure of canceling the event on time.

After your event , players will be able to rate your event with a rating of 1 to 10.
Depending on your rating you will be able to earn awards in forums and in game.

Have fun Crazy Pirates!

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